Foundation Training
Begins 25 & 26 March 2023

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Courses Offered in 2022
Professional Training & Self-Help Courses


Kinesiology Practitioner Level 4 AKA
Professional Kinesiology
Practitioner Training Diploma
HLT 52415
Herbs for Kinesiologists HFK
First Aid for Emotional Trauma

Chi-Tonix Rapid Stress ReleaseNutrition for Kinesiologists NFK
Weight Management for Kinesiologists WMFKDeep Trauma Healing 
Healing Sexual Trauma
The Chi-of Money and Self Esteem

Chi-Tonix Energy FitnessAdvanced International ICPKP Diploma
Advanced Certificate in Trauma Healing
International Diploma in Energy Psychology

Diploma studies are GST exempt. All other prices include GST

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Upcoming Events

FREE Introductions to Kinesiology
14 Dec, 11 Jan & 16 Feb

First Aid for Emotional Trauma
29 Jan 2023

Basic Self-Care
25 & 26 March 2023

Kinesiology Foundation Training
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In 2023 Study
Energy Psychology

Meet us at the Starlight Festival 
Banglaow 5 to 8 Jan 2023


I feel really, really different. It's strange ...


Student Clinics
Sessions only $30
$20 pensioners & students

Next Student Clinics
2 Dec, 1.30pm & 4pm

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