Rapid Stress Release

Chi-Tonix for Rapid Stress Release and Peak Performance

Chi-Tonix offers simple and effective tools for better health, stress resilience, positive motivation, effective action and outstanding results. Chi-Tonix corrections and exercises give the user new, creative, fun and joyful ways of meeting the challenges in life.

Your investment in this course is $595 (includes GST & manual)

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Many people find it difficult to take time out, meditate and relax when they are in the middle of a stressful time. Often they worry about not coping or they perform below their capabilities, because stress reactions take priority over any creative problem solving.

People may only realise that they are stressed by the time they get sick and accident prone, or they make unwise decisions.

Chi-Tonix teaches you how to reduce stress rapidly while things are happening. Immediately improve your sense of being in charge of your life and your reactions to stress. Prevent overwhelm and stress related illness.

Some of what you'll be learning:
Why we need a new way of handling stress
Prevent  and know how to create resilience
How to take responsibility for your stress response and attend to it with awareness
and focus
Create new habits that work in your favour
Be pro-active, take stress as a normal part of life and handle it wisely and creatively
How to take effective action to reduce stress fast
Quick fixes
Medium fixes
Long-term fixes
Putting things in perspective
How to use nutrition to strengthen you during stressful times

'Knowing how to deal with stress on the run can make a massive positive difference in challenging situations'

This is a great opportunity to learn these tools for life. Parijat recommends that all her clients and students take this class, as they become much more able to deal with stress when it does arise. There is new material in this workshop, not covered by Cert IV or Diploma.

If you are a natural health practitioner in any way, a nurse, doctor, teacher, counsellor, you are in a job that means communicating and working with people, a team leader or parent, this course is applicable in your job.

You may choose to do assessed homework and case studies.
The fee for assessment and tutoring the case studies is $220 Incl GST.
This will give you extra study hours.

Chi = Energy, Life Force

Ton = toning

X = Integration


What is special about this way of Managing Stress?

In fact we will take it beyond managing stress; we don't want to just manage our stress levels. It's about taking charge of the stress responses rather than being run by them.
There are many programs available that help you relax, withdraw, find a quiet place and allow peace to return. With practice, you can train yourself to find relaxation. Yes it is good for you!
However, taking time out to meditate or listen to a relaxation CD is often the last thing on your mind when you are in the middle of a stressful event.
You also need practical tools you can apply on the run, when in the car or taking a toilet break. You want to know how to get back in charge of your emotions without suppression in a matter of minutes

Chi-tonix offers you a tool kit to help you be in charge of your feelings, thoughts, actions and results despite pressure

  • You can take responsibility for your stress response and attend to it with awareness
  • Be pro-active, take stress as a normal part of life and help yourself be more balanced, so you handle it better
  • Chi-tonix keys into your energy system and helps it flow better
  • Chi-tonix keys into your nervous system and strengthens it
  • It makes use of the science of traditional acupuncture through unblocking energy pathways and using acupuncture point as balancing options
  • It uses tools and correction techniques from over 20 years experience and training in Kinesiology to rebalance the body
  • It uses tools and correction techniques from years of experience and training in communication and personal growth
  • It helps you program your energy pathways for successful outcomes and achieving your goals,
  • You can remove emotional and energetic blockages from your past conditioning
  • Chi-tonix supports you in moving towards your intentions, creating beautiful music and harmonies in the orchestra of your life as you fit in all the important components of a full life.
  • Understand what motivates you to move towards your passions or away from your problems. Use this to your advantage.
  • Learn how to respond to your life from the heart and make optimal mental and emotional intelligence available.
  • Stress becomes a tool to grow your capacity and abilities, rather than something to fight with and conquer
  • Work with martial arts principles of moving with and directing energy, let go of struggle and resistance
  • Chi-tonix includes physical, emotional, mental, nutritional, energetic, environmental and spiritual support
  • You are focusing on emotional and mental mastery and excellence in all you do
  • You grow your wisdom and ability to see the big picture of your life as well as the details that need attention
  • You learn how to become more compassionate and less judgmental
  • You make use of the understanding of the new discoveries in biology and quantum physics to master the energetic effect we have on cell function. We can use this to result in overall wellbeing
  • create new habits that work in your favour

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Bring your friends together and organise a course. 6 people minimum within 3 hour driving distance from Byron Bay, 12 in other locations. Contact us to discuss.

Venue:Byron Bay Campus
Starting:9:00 AM
Saturday 4th May 2024
Ending:5:00 PM
Sunday 5th May 2024
Repeats:On specific dates
Phone Enquiries:02 6685 7991