Healing Sexual Trauma

This unit is an extension of the 'Deep Trauma Healing' class and cannot be taken on its own.

It addresses working specifically with healing sexual violence.

Many clients suffer stress, relationship problems and self esteem issues because of having experienced various degrees of sexual assault in their lives.  The focus is on sexual patterning and abuse as well as trauma to the pelvic floor muscles and tissue.

Sexual trauma can be difficult to talk about and processing it is delicate for the client. 

The practitioner needs skills and tools to assist effective healing.  Expand your knowledge and skills to assist your client to navigate these experiences, so they can heal. 

Topics addressed are sexual abuse in children and adults and the consequences to the survivor.

Learn how to:

  • get your power back
  • release shame
  • release muscle memory
  • use the 'Circle of Light Process' for unfinished business
  • balance for healthy boundaries
  • work with stress from surgeries related to sexuality/self-worth
  • recognise lies and unhealthy perceptions and find your truth
  • develop strategies for a healthier future

Investment: $695 includes GST & Manual
Exam and coaching fee $150


Venue:Byron Bay Campus
Starting:9:00 AM
Friday 31st May 2024
Ending:5:00 PM
Sunday 2nd June 2024