Parijat, Veda, Family and Instructors

Parijat teaches most of the courses available at the Centre. She trained and worked as a primary school teacher in Zurich, Switzerland, before migrating to Australia in 1975.

Since then, she has studied many aspects of natural health, which she now offers under the umbrella of Kinesiology.

Parijat is a registered Professional Member with the AKA, an Advanced Kinesiology Instructor and registered Herbalist. She is a Senior Faculty Member for the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice, and a member of the Kinesiology Research Team, and a licenced HeartMath provider.

Parijat has developed her own courses called 'Herbs for Kinesiologists', Nutrition for Kinesiologists', Weight Management for Kinesiologist', 'First Aid for Emotional Trauma', 'The Chi of Money and Self-Esteem' and 'Chi-Tonix for Peak Performance and Creative Stress Management'. She teaches in Byron Bay and other major centres.

Parijat's work is well-known on the NSW North Coast, and she is a presenter at national and international conferences.

At the 2008 National Kinesiology Conference in Melbourne, Parijat was honoured with the special membership title of 'Fellow Member of the AKA = FMAKA.

Veda is a registered Psychiatric Nurse and Office Manager. He left Hospital Nursing in 1991 to join Parijat in running the Kinesiology Centre. Veda met Parijat in Switzerland in 1973. They have two adult sons.

He has the friendly voice on the telephone, runs the office and supplies people with the supplements and herbs they need.

Veda's other passion is working with the Byron Bay community to protect, enhance and clean the environment in a number of ways, including playing an active role in dune care and the Green and Clean Awareness Team.

Parijat Wismer

Veda with Green & Clean Volunteers

Veda Turner

Geraldine Béranger - Instructor & Mentor

Our Foundation Class Instructor brings 23 years of primary and tertiary teaching experience to her work.

Geraldine is a qualified instructor of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP). 

Geraldine studied her Kinesiology Diploma and advanced levels at the Byron Bay Campus.

Her enthusiasm for Kinesiology is tangible and her skills to make complicated concepts easy to learn is an asset to our school.

Geraldine operates a Kinesiology Clinic in Tweed Heads.

Joanne Cashman - Mentor

Joanne is a qualified Kinesiology practitioner, a member of Australian Institute of Kinesiologists and ATMS.

Her training has encompassed various styles from schools in both Sydney and Byron Bay.

Having spent over 15 years in the Natural Health industry Joanne's passion for Kinesiology began with the life changing results both herself and her children experienced with Kinesiology.

Because of this she believes strongly in the body's inner wisdom that when given the opportunity can reveal th underlying imbalance causing dis-harmony or dis-ease.

Joanne holds a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and is a qualified instructor for the BKP series nationally and with the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP)

She runs her own clinic in Alsonville NSW