First Aid for Emotions

This 1 day course provides easy to learn skills for everyone. How often do people feel helpless around a loved one in emotional shock?

Proper first aid for emotional pain can be as important as help for physical injuries for long term health and wellbeing. Learn how to administer support that helps healing and prevents scarring.
You will learn how to use touch, essences, communication skills, stories and meridian balancing to assist and guide the traumatized person to re-connect with their inner strength and wisdom. This enhances their ability to cope and heal.

Emotional trauma and pain is part of everyday life for many people. How it is handled by yourself and others, determines if the emotional injury heals or is suppressed and healing is slow or incomplete.
Have you ever felt ill at ease talking to someone after they have had bad news, had a loss or are not coping? Many people feel helpless when someone else is in emotional overwhelm. The chance is that people around a traumatized person close off or get distressed as well, which makes it more difficult to support the person in emotional pain.

Emotional pain not attended to properly can be locked away for years to come and affect all kinds of choices people make. It can limit your potential 20 years later!
Many people stop taking good care of themselves when life gets painful and distressing. This can have negative consequences down the track, like illness or relationship stress.

The Self-help course 'First Aid for Emotions' gives you a clear protocol of how to assist. Just as physical first aid has a protocol of what to do and in which order, you will be able to follow this guidance easily and effectively. You can learn how to keep yourself safe and centred , connected with you own inner wisdom and resources.
Giving appropriate emotional first aid will gently assist a person towards natural healing, rather than scarring and creating illness down the track.

You will go home with

  • a manual and protocol that you can apply immediately with yourself and your loved ones, or anyone else that you choose to help.
  • You will learn how loving support changes the way the person deals with the injury. There are many valuable techniques for your toolkit for life. This workshop gives you tools that work, are practical and can be applied by anyone.
  • You will know what to do and what not to do, how to listen with compassion and help the person be present.
  • You will learn about Vibrational Eessences and Oils, the gentle helpers in time of distress
  • One of the gems in the workshop is the 'Organ Integration' which helps people 'come back to themselves' after being in shock. You are connecting holding points on the body with their associated organ and you speak words that ease the stress.
  • You will also learn some great techniques to release anger safely, without weakening your immune system.

Changing emotions through colour is empowering, the application of stories helpful.

This is some feed-back from students:
I feel a lot more able to deal with someone who is experiencing trauma, crisis or distress. I've gained a lot, tools, methods, ideas and creative ways to help people through their 'hard' times. I think the methods will really help me heal and de-traumatize also. Thank you for your wisdom. Edda

'I am now in control, as I have tools to deal with my traumas' Vicky

'I am more comfortable when I'm 'doing something', I now can do more, rather than just being there. I have a deeper understanding of what people may experience and how I can help them to not remain stuck in the numb state that follows trauma. I would recommend the course to everyone, as we never know from one moment to the next, when we may be thrown into the middle of an emotional trauma. Emotional 'life saving' skills are invaluable. Yvonne

Your investment in this course is $275 (includes manual, GST and a Remedy)
This is a great opportunity to learn these life skills and become a skilled and caring member of your community.

Who should take the course? Everyone, just as we all should take physical first aid.
If you are a natural health practitioner in any way, a nurse, doctor, teacher, counsellor, you are in a job that means communicating and working with people, a team leader or parent, this course is applicable in your job. There is new material in this workshop, not covered by Cert IV or Diploma.
Attending gives you 8 hours CPE points, doing homework and completing a separate assessment gives you 15 hours communication.

First Aid for Emotions 

This day runs from 9 am to 5 pm

  • Help Loved ones in distress
  • Administer effective First Aid for Emotional Distress
  • Guide a traumatised person in re-connecting with their inner wisdom
  • Use touch, essences, stories and meridian balancing
  • Enhance a person's ability to cope
  • Guide a person out of numbness back into the body towards healing

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Assessed homework assignment, exam and discussion of case studies $220 (incl GST)

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