Advanced International Diploma in Kinesiology ICPKP

Advanced International Diploma Units

These units are open to all who have completed EMS 201 and EMS 302  Please discuss with us, if you would like to attend any of those classes. These workshops will work towards an international Diploma in Energy Psychology

Investment per year for 2 years for the advanced units for Diploma in Energy Psychology $3,200

EMS 303 Dreams, Goals and Attitudes
Trauma Healing Parijat's workshop
K-Power x 3 workshops
EMS 304  Releasing limited Stress responses
EMS 305 Colour and Sound Healing


EMS 301 Genetic and meridian emotional release protocols
Rapid Stress Release/ Emotional First Aid
EMS 306  Rituals and Motivational Messages
EMS 401 Co-Dependency and Role reversals
EMS 402 Compulsive Behaviour
EMS 403 Spiritual issues

Advanced units below will be offered from time to time:

MST 303  Emotional Anatomy/ Intelligence     
Pre-requisits EMS 201 and MST 201
 Elements of Learning:

  • Emotional Anatomy - the upright stance
  • overbound and underbound anger/despair responses
  • complex emotional layering responses
  • somatic interactions
  • use kinesiology techniques to obtain understanding and acceptance of past patterns of response, defuse stress associated with these and look at other possible positive responses.
  • amygdala mode
  • emotional intelligence                                       

EMS 401 Co-dependency and Forgiveness      
pre-requisites EMS 306

  • Co-dependency
  • Interdependence
  • Frozen emotions
  • Forgiveness

ECO 301  Adrenal Responses, Geopathic influence, Life Energy 
Pre-requisite ECO 202

  • Elements of learning:
  • fatigue-vitality balance
  • adrenal alert
  • adrenal vigilance
  • adrenal exhaustion
  • simple adrenal stress
  • hidden adrenal stress
  • reverse adrenal stress
  • cantillation
  • geopathic stress
  • geospiritual
  • electrical drain
  • magnetic fields
  • star point balance
  • oxygen
  • death cycle/degeneration/longevity
  • hypothalamic resets
  • personal enhancement programme

RBT 301 Trigger points 
Pre-requisite RBT 201

  • What are Trigger Points?
  • Muscle and Nerve Physiology
  • How trigger points occur
  • Symptoms of Myofascial TrPs and Physical Findings
  • Referred Pain Pattern Mechanisms (RPP)
  • Classification of Myofascial Trigger Points
  • Apply trigger point techniques in a clinical setting
  • Making A Clinical Decision
  • Myofascial Treatments
  • Things that maintain Trigger Points
  • Contra-indications to Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

ECO 302   Cleansing and detoxification 
Pre-requisite ECO 301

Elements of learning:

  • toxic - chelation cleanse
  • Foreign chemical overload
  • heavy metal toxicity
  • Riddler's - excess
  • Allopathic toxicity
  • immune system -overgrowth
  • detoxification programs
  • hydrotherapy
  • physiology regeneration
  • physiology awareness
  • biochemical pathways
  • active viral energy
  • bacterial energy: acute, symbiotic, chronic
  • parasitic energy

MHP 301  ( pre-requisites PIB 203 and ECO 202)
Deepen your work with Acupuncture Points, reactivity and essential oils

PDG 302  (pre-requisite PDG 301)
Dealing with birthing muscles, pelvic diaphragm and pelvic floor

MHP 302  (pre-requisite MHP 301)
Holographic perception of organs and muscles, cheirology, reflexology, iridology as they apply to Kinesiology, Emotions on the face, body and feet.

PIB 301 (pre-requisite PIB 203)
Brain Integration in depth, brain and nervous system balance, neuro-transmitters, memory, brain longevity

PIB 302 (pre-requisite PIB 202)
Understanding personalities and behaviours, stress and illness

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