The Byron Kinesiology Centre and Australian Wellness Centre

At our Centre, we believe in self-help. We offer a range of sessions, classes, courses and products to help people learn how to take care of their own health, and that of their family and friends. The Byron Kinesiology Centre was founded in 1986 by Parijat Wismer and her husband, Veda Turner. It's a place where people can be supported toward more abundant health and energy, in their recovery from illness, and in the healing of emotional and physical pain. Workshops and seminars which offer Kinesiology and Natural Health skills are a major part of the centre's focus.

Since 1986 the Byron Kinesiology Centre has developed a reputation for running practical, useful courses. Parijat continues this trend, offering Self-help courses that empower you to make the changes needed to be happier, healthier and more in charge of your life and your future.
The professional courses are of the highest standard in Australia.
We operate from our classroom attached to Parijat and Veda's home in Byron Bay, unless we have classes with more than 18 students. Parijat is the main practitioner and instructor, supported by Veda, who runs the office and helps people with the nutritional and herbal supplements that enhance and support the Kinesiology balances. Geraldine Beranger joined our team and assists and co-teaches the basic BKP Series.

After completing a training in 'Health, Vitality and Longevity' in 1998, we were pleased to be able to introduce The Australian Wellness Centre. This incorporates the Byron Kinesiology Centre activities.

The Australian Wellness Centre includes activities such as testing and assessing the health status of clients as it relates to their age, fitness and energy, giving special advice to slow down the aging progress. With this new approach, you can get older with minimal deterioration of physical and mental health and wellness.

We celebrated the newest graduation of students in April 2023. Three students achieved the nationally accredited Diploma HLT52415, three students achieved their International Diploma in Energy Psychology and fourteen students achieved their Foundation in Kinesiology Certificate.