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GNLD Nutritionals


Water Purifiers


Lifewave patches

Computer Analysis

Skin Care

Home Care

Health Programs


Weightloss Products

Em Wave Monitor


Lifewave Patches

Parijat's Vibrational Oil - keep your Thymus Energy strong,

especially when working with traumatized people

and emotionally charged environments



If you would like information on any of these products, please email us or call +61 (0) 2 6685 7991.


Water Purifiers

Water Purifiers ... We stock a range of different purifiers including SAFE, and NSP Reverse Osmosis.
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Skin Care

  • UV Natural Sunscreen
  • The sunscreen that works without "nasty" chemicals
  • Adult skin care and special tubes for Babies
  • Certified Organic Skin Care ... the only products you want to put on your skin...
  • We stock a range of Mi Essence natural skin care products.
  • You can buy from us
  • You may join free as a member and buy your healthy skin care directly over the net from the producers.
  • You are invited to become a consultant, call us for an introduction

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Health Programs

  • We offer Detoxification, Fatloss, Healthy Weight Management, Recovery from Illness & Surgery and Health, Vitality and Longevity Programs.
  • Ask us about Heavy Metal Detox
  • We combine Kinesiology Balancing with Nutrition, Herbs and other Wholistic Health Methods

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Q-Spa Bio-Energy Field Enhancement (BEFE)

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Computer Health Analysis

We offer 3 different computer health checks. This is a great way to understand the issues that need to be addressed as well as being able to monitor progress.
The Nutritional Analysis shows up the nutritional insufficiencies you may have, that hold you back from having better health and vitality

The General Health Assessment can be done on the internet and is sponsored by Metagenics. I will have access to your results on the net and will be able to understand the underlying reasons for your health condition better. It shows up which body systems are under stress.

The Vitality and Longevity Analysis (VLA) involves a reading of how a small current travels through your body tissue. The data plus your age, gender, activity levels, measurements around your waist, height and weight allows the computer to give us an insight into cellular health, fat/muscle ratio, toxicity levels and hydration. Progress can be monitored easily with this program.

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Home Care

We offer a wide range of organic and environmentally responsible cleaning products from Tri-Nature and GNLD.

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Other Products

  • Protect yourself from Electro Magnetic Fields from your phone, computer, car and environment.
  • We use products based on Tesla's discoveries.
  • Call Veda on 026685799 and discuss how this technology may help you feel better around electrical appliances, especially phones and computers.
  • EmWave personal stress monitor and feed-back tool

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Energy Psychology


I find the instructor and her teaching methods ...

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Student Clinics
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