Chi-Tonix Energy Fitness

For Kinesiologists, Personal Trainers & Health Enthusiasts
Dedicated to YOU the fitness enthusiast.

May you be less injury prone, have quick recoveries and perform at your best.

Chi-tonix provides simple and effective tools for fitness, stress management, positive motivation, effective action and outstanding results.

The fitness industry, by focusing on strength and cardio fitness has neglected the fundamental underlying energy system. It needs toning and exercising, just like muscles do! Chi-Tonix fills that missing link and makes fitness and wellbeing much more complete.

Our energy systems need toning and exercise just like muscles do!  Just as achieving physical fitness supports wellbeing, so energy fitness is vital for health maintenance. The Chi-Tonix system works through addressing the emotional connection expressed in muscle function and improves the messages from your life force to assist in altering cell membrane behaviour for the better.

Our system and classes enhance other modalities and types of exercise, from gym work-outs to yoga and martial arts. It supports athletes training for and participating in competitive events and it helps the unfit person, or someone recovering from injury regain flexibility and muscle tone.

Chi-tonix can be used as a workout or on a one-on-one basis with a personal trainer or health professional.

Come and experience some exercises and an introduction to the Energy Fitness System!

Foundation course Week-end class

Venue:Byron Bay Campus
Phone Enquiries:02 6685 7991