Kinesiology Excellence Courses

When students asked Parijat 'when are you going to teach us what you do in clinic', she started putting together extra information that improve clinical results.

Parijat is a registered Herbalist and has studied nutrition for years. She attends national and international conferences and seminars every year.

Her courses are practical, based on the newest research and give students tools to address some of the underlying issues in a person's health and wellbeing.

Herbs for Kinesiologists HFK
includes detoxification, how to increase functional energy of organs and body systems and using herbs to anchor in the changes made in a session.

Nutrition for Kinesiologists NFK
includes balancing the 7 stages of nutrition, cell balance and protection, understanding how nutrients can support goals and the difference between natural and synthetic supplements.

Weight Managment for Kinesiologists
includes learning how to eat for stable blood sugar, understanding the bio-chemistry of weight gain and fat loss, set-point adjustment, thyroid balancing, sleep balancing and fat burning protocols.

First Aid for Emotional Trauma
includes practical protocols for helping a person in emotional distress. All techniques can be learnt by anyone without pre-requisites, however, all techniques fit directly into Kinesiology Protocols and improve clinical outcomes.



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