Nutrition For Kinesiologists NFK

This course is developed and written by Parijat Wismer FMAKA.

Simply eating foods does not guarantee that our cells are receiving optimal nutrition to keep us in abundant vitality.

Food and food based nutritional concentrates and minerals assist in balancing the body's energy system, restoring function, aiding recovery and achieving a sense of well being. This is a sister program to Herbs for Kinesiologists.


Learn how to:

  • Pre-test procedure and goal setting for accurate nutritional balancing.
  • Balance the seven stages of nutrition: preparation, diet, digestion in all stages, absorption, circulation, assimilation and elimination.
  • Tonify or sedate the meridians with nutritional supplements.
  • Increase the functional energy of cells, glands and organs.
  • Recognize and work with excess or deficiency of nutrients.
  • Support a client having surgery.
  • Support a client undertaking a heavy metal detox or dental work.
  • Support the body's detoxification pathways.
  • Understand and learn to improve the bio-markers of ageing.
  • Understand the function of major nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and essential fats.

This program gives Kinesiologists essential skills to expand the nutritional aspect of the 'Triad of Health'. It assists a client to make the changes needed for restoration of health.

2019 price: $695 includes GST and manual

Pre-requisites: BKP Certificate, TFH Synthesis or equivalent
Competency in Five Element balancing is essential.

Byron Bay BKP Students receive a $100 discount on this course

Assessments, coaching and oral exam $150

Nutrition for Kinesiologists

Development and History
This course grew out of a request by my students do give them more of my skills and "what works" in giving balances. They too wanted to add tools to their work that would initiate and support long term health improvements for their clients.

"Nutrition for Kinesiologists" uses food, nutrition and supplements as balancing tools as well as a support to rebuild and maintain a client's long term health and vitality.
The information in this course is based on years of study with pioneers in nutritional medicine and regular up-dating of the information. The course is fully accredited with the Kinesiology Associations.

Course Outline
Students will learn to use nutrition either from food or supplements to balance the meridians in relation to vitality goals, health and wellbeing issues, expanding the tools available in the bio-chemical aspect of the triad of health.

Food is a very emotional issue. You are considering and clearing sabotage programs and inner conflicts that surface around food and the emotional relationship we have with certain foods.

You learn to test for and balance the seven stages of nutrition in depth: preparation, diet, digestion, absorption, circulation, assimilation and elimination.
You will learn specific protocols to add nutrients to your balances, either as the balancing method itself or as support between balances.

Correcting nutritional excesses or insufficiencies play a big role in most people's healing process.
Understanding the function and therapeutic window of basic Vitamin and minerals and other nutritional supplements and making sure you ask relevant questions when testing a client are essential learning components.

Special care is taken to check that supplements will enhance, support and improve a person's long term healing process. Symptom relief may be appropriate at times, as long as it is understood that the underlying issues will need to be considered.

Most clients would dearly love to increase their vitality. If your cells are tired, constipated and malnourished, the whole person feels tired as well.
NFK offers a "cellular balance protocol".

Students will work on their own health during the course.
The Kinesiology application of this information has of course it's own sequence and just because somebody shows a deficiency doesn't mean we provide it in a pill. Maybe we need to improve digestion or reduce stress levels, talk about food choices and life style, as well as address emotional issues.

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