Weight Management for Kinesiologists WMFK

This seminar offers essential training to assist the practitioner in understanding and working with unhealthy metabolic changes. This is an Advanced Kinesiology Course for practitioners. It includes 3 days course time and 2-3 days assessed homestudy . Accredited 40 hours Cat C or Nutrition.

Excess weight, especially around the waist is an indicator of other health problems.
Assisting a client in achieving a healthy fat/muscle ratio is true preventative health care.

It is important for a Kinesiologist to understand the metabolic changes related to fat accumulating around the waist. Develop excellence in helping clients with their weight issues and grow your clinic!


  • Why many diets don't work
  • The benefits of exercise
  • How to increase your metabolism for fat loss
  • Thyroid balance
  • How to test for and clear Sabotage Programs relating to weight
  • Understand 'stacking' of sabotage programs
  • Balancing for Healthy Weight
  • How to set Weight Management Goals
  • The Balancing Protocol and Fat Loss program
  • change the 'weight set-point'
  • How to assist clients who brake their program
  • Specific Emotional Meridian Balancing for the goal
  • Daily Focus
  • Fat-loss options

Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the causative factors to weight gain. Your weight management strategy will include dealing with emotional, mental and stress related issues, balancing toxicity and hormones, assisting clients in making beneficial habit and life style changes, self-help and exercise.

In some locations, you will have access to a scientifically tested fat-loss program and participate in a Bio-Impedance Analysis and interpretation for your own body. The analysis shows your muscle to fat ratio and gives information about toxicity and hydration of cells and the health of cell membranes.

Balanced Blood Sugar - Healthy Weight Mini-Seminar

Scientifically researched and proven Fat-loss Program

BKP certificate or equivalent
HFK and/or NFK an advantage

Investment 3 days: Byron Bay $695 incl. manual & GST

Exam, coaching and assessment fee: $150

Weight Management for Kinesiologists WMFK

Dates: TBA

Symptoms associated with excess body fat:

  • Unstable blood sugar
  • Tiredness especially in the afternoons
  • Diabetes
  • High LDL cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Lowered life expectancy
  • High blood pressure
  • Joint inflammation, esp. knees
  • Stiffness, aches and pains
  • Shortness of breath
  • Physical discomfort
  • Addictions and cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Disability and chronic illness
  • Low self-esteem

Students will learn strategies and techniques for assessing and correcting issues from all aspects of the triad of health. You will gain an understanding of why most weight loss programs erode people's health if the underlying metabolic changes aren't corrected. Those methods can't be successful longterm.

In the emotional and mental realm, learn skills to release specific weight and food related sabotage programs, "comfort" eating, food addictions, stress and low self-esteem. Daily focus and how to help a client get back onto their program adds valuable tools to a Kinesiology practice. Understand how to help clients make the needed changes for long term better health.

Bio-chemically, we need to test for and balance allergies, toxicity, inflammatory processes, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal disturbances and cellular function (including the endocrine function of fat cells). WMFK offers protocols to balance chronic infections, fat storage, Insulin and Leptin resistance and guide a healthy eating plan. Mastering Glycaemic control gives back power to clients to be in control of their healthy weight.

Some of the physical factors include the right exercise program, muscle loss and gain, injuries and circulatory function.

Energetically, we need to understand energy shifts between meridians due to stress, cravings for short energy bursts and test for disturbing Electro-magnetic fields in the environment.

Understand how genetic factors affect which foods we thrive on, how to consider prescribed drugs, loss of spirituality and life energy.

Venue:Byron Bay Campus
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