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Vibrational Healing Oils

Parijat has developed a range of "Energetic Healing Oils". The first is the "Oil of Protection", an oil that supports and strengthens the Thymus.

Pure Macadamia oil is charged in a special process with the energy of nutrients, herbs, colours and gems, to support the immune system.

Applied over the thymus, the oil will raise the energy of the thymus and assist in protecting you from energy drain in your work, preventing burn-out and keeping you centered in your own energy. We are collecting stories from people who have used it successfully. Please let us know how you have used it.

Some have used it for pain control or to raise energy in other glands and tissues as well.

Note: The Australian Wellness Centre makes no health benefit claims for this oil. People working with energy will make their own conclusion when they experience it's effects.

You may order it via email.

We are not set up to take credit cards on the web, but we can organize internet payments or you can call and we take your payment over the phone. We also accept cheques .

The cost for a 10ml bottle is $25.00 incl. GST, plus $7.50 for postage for up to 9 bottles and handling anywhere in Australia (Total of $32.50 for 1 bottle)

Buy 9 or more bottles and buy at wholesale prices $18.00 each. Postage is $12 for 10 or more bottles.

Call us for practitioner price.

Vibrational Healing Oils

Thymus Protection Oil

is pure Australian Macadamia nut oil, which has been programmed with the resonance of immune system herbs, nutrients, colours, shells and crystals.We understand that the oil passes this vibrational imprint to the body tissue it is massaged into.

The method of imprinting and the types of imprint are the result of asking the question "How can we prevent Practitioner Burnout and protect people in distressing environments?"

Many people have experienced benefits from using the oil. Positive results have been evaluated using Kinesiology methods (muscle monitoring). The producers of this oil make no therapeutic claims.


  • For protection from environmental and human energy disturbances
  • To protect those who are working with emotionally distressed people
  • To prevent over-care and remember care and compassion
  • To protect people who "Pick up on other people's pain"
  • For people highly sensitive to their physical environment
  • To help practitioners stay centred and in their heart space
  • To balance chakras
  • To massage into scar tissue
  • To apply to acupressure points for prolonged balancing
  • To massage into any body tissue to raise its functional energy
  • To massage into temples and "Emotional Stress Release Points" on the forehead during and after emotional emergences

 Thyroid Balancing Oil

The receipe for this Oil has come through to my awareness on 21st July 2011. 

This oil contains pure Macademia Oil programmed with the resonance of herbs, nutrients, colours, shells, and crystals specific to nurturing Thyroid Tissue.

The Thyroid controls your metabolism and can over or under work. This oil is balancing and feeds the Thyroid tissue with frequencies that have a balancing action on the area it is massaged into.

There are specific acupunture points to use as well as massaging the oil into the Thyroid to energize the function of this important gland. We make no therapeutic claims, but understand that the need for medication may be reduced over time. You health Professional will assess that.

Apply the oil to the Thyroid gland at the front ans sides of the middle of the neck. Massage it also into the following acupuncture points:
St 9 & 11, CV 22, Lg Int 4 and Kidney 3.

To tonify triple warmer Meridian apply to Triple Warmer 3 & Gallbladder 41, then Triple Warmer 2 and Bladder 66.

To sedate the Triple Warmer Meridian use Triple Warmer 10 and Stomach 36, then Triple Warmer 2 and Bladder 66.


  • To help balance the functional energy of the Thyroid 
  • To give yourself an energy boost
  • To test and  use as balancing option for energy corrections to chakras and acupuncture points, not obviously related to the Thyroid. 
  • To balance the Throat Chakra
  • To help with sugar cravings and weight issues

Adrenal Balance Oil

Pure Macadamia Nut Oil which has been programmed with the resonance of colours, shells, crystals, sound, nutrients and herbs which strengthen the adrenals and fortify the nervous system against stress damage.
Having a good level of energy in the adrenals makes you more stress resilient and helps recovery after prolonged stress.
We understand that the oil passes the vibrational imprint to the body tissue and meridian points it is massaged into. The method of imprinting is unique to these healing oils.

Massage a small amount of oil into the tissue both sides above the upper edge of the kidneys,
where your adrenal glands are located.
Pericardium 6, Governing 17(Sea of tranquillity), Gallbladder 40 and Kidney 5, Stomach36.
Combine with 'Rapid Stress Release' Exercises, written by Parijat Wismer

Heart Balm for Healing the Heart

has been programmed with the resonance of colours, shells, crystals, sound, nutrients and herbs which strengthen the circulatory system.
We understand that the oil passes this vibrational imprint to the body tissue and meridian points it is massaged into. The method of imprinting is unique to these healing oils. The Heart Balm also contains the fragrance of Rose, to help release and let go of anger, bitterness, emotional exhaustion, grief, jealousy and sadness
This Vibrational Oil is a tool for healing the "broken heart", and the emotional injuries that affect daily life. May this oil help you heal these emotional injuries so that there is more room for love and joy in your life!
Heart Balm oil may be supportive to people with heart and circulatory imbalances, and does not interfere with medical treatment. It may enhance the healing process and the body may have a reduced need for medication over time. Please check with your health practitioner.
Apply a small amount of oil directly over the heart.
Decide to allow the oil to act as a healing balm for your heart.
Allow the heart to feel whole and fully connected to your life energy.
Massage oil into the following acupuncture points: Heart 3, Gov 26, Heart 7 and 8
Oil can be applied to the inside of both wrists.
For best results, use the oil alongside an emotional healing process described in the upcoming  booklet " 5 powerful tools to heal a broken heart"

If you'd like to hear about the release and when the booklet is available, please email us.



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