Byron Kinesiology, training, courses, Diploma, study, ICPKP, Schools, Australian wellness centre, College, Gold coast

 Byron Kinesiology, training, courses, Diploma, study, ICPKP, Schools, Australian wellness centre, College, Gold coast

Registered Kinesiology Practitioner Level 4 & Diploma Level 5

Registered Kinesiology Practitioner
RKP Level 4 Diploma

This professional training program was developed by Dr Bruce Dewe MD and his wife Joan Dewe.

RKP Level 4, the foundation of your practice.

The Basic Kinesiology Program is a stand-alone course, giving you powerful basic Kinesiology techniques to use with family and friends. Completing this course is a first step towards an exciting career in Kinesiology.

Through 10 units, students develop practical skills and confidence in Basic Kinesiology. Along with the practical units, students will study some units by correspondence.

Correspondence Modules

  •     Anatomy & Physiology 1- A & P 1
  •     Clinical Practice Management 
  •     Professional Communication Skills A
  •     Supervised clinic - 20 hours Supervised student clinic 
  •     30 hours of menored client sessions

External Study not included in course fees
Senior First Aid Certificate - OCT202

Each BKP unit consists of 16 hours face-to-face classes, as well as 16+ hours of practice and assignments. Practical and computer knowledge tests are part of each unit. We also offer tutoring hours.

Parijat is a Kinesiopractor and Senior Faculty Member with the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP), International Speaker, Registered Herbalist and Course Author, as well as Faculty for Kinesiology Schools Australia.

Students who take the first year only are enrolled with ICPKP and the Byron Kinesiology Centre and need to pay GST on classes.

Diploma students are enrolled with Kinesiology Schools Australia and ICPKP.
All students are able to take part in the international student forum via the internet.

You may enrol at any time and begin the Anatomy and Physiology home study course.

RKP Level 4 is the Basic Professional Practitioner Level accredited by the Australian Kinesiology Association.
Our Diploma HLT52415 is Nationally accredited and will take you to Level 5.

Kinesiology Schools Australia offers 10 Basic Kinesiology Units, plus Anatomy and Physiology, Professional Communication Skills, 20 supervised clinic hours and 50 assesses/mentored sessions hours. This expands your studies to a full year to 16 months.

Our Kinesiology training meets the needs both of the younger person, choosing Kinesiology as a career, as well as the mature student, retraining for a second career.This course will empower you to learn, grow and embrace life as a Practicing Kinesiologist, so in turn, you can help others along their path of healing and development.

The Diploma adds another 15 Kinesiology Units, Nutrition, advanced Anatomy and Physiology, and How to Manage a Business, Mentoring and Research. Diploma studies can be achieved in 2 to 3 years on top of the first year. Diploma from start to finish in 2 1/2 to 3 years.

You can achieve an "International Advanced Diploma" level, in 4 years plus. This is not an Australian Qualification and can take you to the level of Kinesiopractor. Your new  skills will include in-depth balancing in the physical, personal ecology and nutrition, emotional, energetic, spiritual, realtionship with self, surrogating, structure function, communication, environmental and other realms.

Our training is recognised by the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and the Australian Institute of Kinesiology (AIK) and the first 10 units of study allows you to register as a Level 1 Kinesiologist.

Diploma studies will give students Level 5 recognition.

When you have achieved registration with a Kinesiology Association, you are able to begin working as a Kinesiologist. Registration makes you eligible to have professional indemnity insurance cover when working. Work as a Kinesiologist while you continue to increase your knowledge base to include Advanced Studies.

Content for units 101-110

Diploma Units

Assessments by arrangement

Diploma First Year Schedule

Diploma Second & Third Year Schedule

BKP 101
23 - 24 February
BKP 102
2 - 3 March

MST 202
16 - 17 February
MST 203
18 - 19 February

BKP 103
30 - 31 March

BKP 104
27 - 28 April

EMS 302
4-5 May
VEF 301
6-7 May
BKP 105
18 - 19 May
BKP 106
15 - 16 June
JAF 201
22-23 June
ECO 201
24-25 June

BKP 107
6 - 7 July
BKP 108
27 - 28 July
MST 301
3-4 August
ECO 202
5-6 August
BKP 109
21-22 September
EMS 201
12-13 October
JAF 301
5-6 October
PIB 203
7-8 October

MST 201
2- 3 November

VEF 201
23-24 November

ECO 301
16-17 November

VEF 302
18-19 November

Join us now for 2019 - Enrolments taken until 14 March.

The Byron Kinesiology Centre is a "Kinesiology Schools Australia" College,
KSA is a Registered Training Organization (RTO)30916
Diploma classes are GST free to enrolled students.

Apply anytime for Kinesiology Schools Australia 2019 studies, you can enroll now and begin with the correspondence units.

Registered Kinesiology practitioner Level 4 - RKP 4

includes BKP units 101- 109 classes and EMS 201 assessed homework, exams and the correspondence courses in Anatomy & Physiology and Professional Communication Skills. 

Senior First Aid is not included and needs to be taken with St John's Ambulance Service or Surf Life Saving.

Contact us for fees and payment options.

$600 Enrolment fee is non-refundable, as we organize and plan your study year once we hold your deposit.

Please contact us for the Kinesiology Schools Australia "Student Handbook" it contains our refund policy and advice for students.

You have the option to withdraw from the course after the first unit, if you feel that the training offered does not meet your needs. After that date, you are committed to the year's training fees.

A discount may be available if you have taken other Kinesiology Courses.

If you have taken A&P with another registered training organization (RTO) to our standard in the last 4 years or you are a registered health practitioner using the skills from A&P regularily in your work and you have studied it to a satisfactory level, you may be able to claim 'Recognition for Prior Learning' or RPL and receive a discount on your course fees.

BKP training is only available with payment contract.

Diploma Studies

We believe that the KSA Diploma is your best choice for becoming a Professional Kinesiologist. We believe we provide the professionl training and supervision to build confidence and competence. There is no way of giving you that in less time or less training hours.

We are not just about a qualification, we are about giving you the skills to be a Professional Kinesiologist.

Add 15 Units of Advanced Kinesiology Units plus Nutrition, Manage a Business, Research, A&P301 (A&P301 is a pathopysiology unit), Mental Health, Ethics and Clinic Health & Safety.
Your study takes 2.5 to 3 years to complete.

The KSA Diploma with Kinesiology content from the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice(ICPKP), gives you outstanding professional training. Remember it is written by a medical doctor. ICPKP protocols have been subject of a scientific study into chronic back pain in the UK. Dr Susan Eardley had outstanding results and outcomes of her pilot study.

Please contact us about our fees. We have payment packages to suit a variety of requirements.
 What do you get for your investment?

  • Byron Bay Campus offers optimal hours of training, two full days for each of the Diploma units, including MST 201&202, VEF 301&302, ECO 201&202.
  • The new unit of 50 hours supervised practice hours is included in your Diploma fees.
  • The new unit of 150 mentored hours is included in your fees
  • The fees include all correspondence units and assessments required
  • The fees include graduation dinner celebrations

You are able to take individual units if you have the pre-requisites, however, unenrolled students have to pay GST on training and admin fees.

Why study with us in Byron Bay?

Your instructor, Parijat Wismer, has been teaching Kinesiology Courses since 1986 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you, as well as the material covered by the workshop. Her teaching style and communication skills make it easy for students to learn, even if you haven't been in a learning environment for some time. She offers phone and email support students in achieving their goals.

Parijat has been recognized by the Australian Kinesiology Association as a Fellow Member in 2008 for her contribution to Kinesiology over the last 30 years.

As Kinesiopractor and Senior Faculty for the International College of Professional Kinesiology practice ICPKP, she is able to present all Kinesiology units of the International Qualification of Kinesiopractor.

Paritosho Rowe is the first graduate for the qualification of Kinesiolpractor from our school. She marks most of your books.

We have a  purpose built classroom, the first class was held in September 2011.

This is what a students have told us:

I can't emphasize enough the importance of the learning environment you provide for students at your campus. I've experienced a variety of education formats over the years, from private schools to private short courses.. I can honestly say that I've never learnt in such a profound nurturing and positive environment before, and the belief I have in myself a s a result of that is something I didn't anticipate. So now that I have it, I'm owning it and that's a real gift as I move further into my study,and embrace it in all areas od my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. C.Y Diploma

'The best aspect of my study is the quality of lecturing, the safe and respectful space created, the love and clarity of Parijat's teaching.
" Parijat is wonderful, compelling, real and enthusiastic' 

Byron Bay has a beautiful natural environment, beaches, heathland and coastal rainforest. Over the last 30 years it has developed a reputation as a centre for personal growth and healing.The college is conveniently situated close to facilities in a beautiful natural setting.


"I have recommended the ICPKP program since its very beginnings and continue to recommend it because of the very positive feedback I have received from those that are now using it. It gives the Practitioner a wonderful way to help others even more."
John Thie BS, DC.
Founder of Touch for Health, and
Founding Chairman of the International College of Applied Kinesiology

For any further information, please Contact Us

Venue: Byron Bay Campus
Starting: 9:00 AM
Saturday 23rd February 2019
Ending: 5:00 PM
Saturday 13th June 2020
Repeats: On specific dates
Phone Enquiries: 02 6685 7991

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Nationally accredited
Diploma HLT52415

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 Byron Kinesiology, training, courses, Diploma, study, ICPKP, Schools, Australian wellness centre, College, Gold coast

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