BKP 101 Self Care

Foundation Training (First year of Diploma)

BKP 100 Series, EMS 201

Training begins with stand-alone 10 Kinesiology units and home study, giving you powerful basic Kinesiology tools and the ability to register as a Basic Level 1 Practitioner with the Australian Kinesiology Association AKA.  BKP enhances skills and effectiveness of other health modalities.  AKA calls this KPL1 (Kinesiology Practitioner level 1), where you can begin working as a Kinesiologist. 
Course material will be delivered as a combination of online learning, in person practice and mentoring to assist flexible learning and build confidence and skills. Anatomy & Physiology, Business Administration and Clinical Health and Safety are correspondence units. Senior First Aid needs to be taken independently with a registered training organisation. Students attending classes at the Byron Kinesiology Centre have the opportunity to be connected to ICPKP via the Internet and will be able to take part in the online student forum. Visit the International College website : www.icpkp.com

BKP 101 Self Care 

This unit is for everyone and teaches you skills to balance your own energy system. This includes ways to calm yourself during stressful times, holding points, massaging or running meridians, stress release emotional acupuncture points to energise and balance you. You'll be introduced to whole body testing, walking gait reflexes, integration exercises, switching on the eyes and ears, the wheel of emotions and goal balancing.

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Course Cost: $595 Incl GST and Manual

*Depending on class sizes our further training may be provided by affiliate colleges.

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