Chi-Tonix for Vitality and Longevity

Understand the bio-markers of ageing, the signs that your body is physically not regenerating as fast as it is deteriorating. Know which actions you can take that slow down the ageing process and assist the body in regeneration.

Your body can behave younger than average for your physical age. Live with energy, full vitality, physically resilient, strong and switched-on. Learn protocols to enhance sleep and regeneration, healthy eyes, memory, clear thinking, healthy libido, and learn how to tune up the functional energy of each organ.

This course is as much for self-help as it is useful to the Kinesiology practitioner. All techniques can be integrated into clinic straight away.

Your next opportunityto participate in this class in Fiji, June 23-24

Venue:Fiji Retreat
Phone Enquiries:0266857991