Chi -Tonix Energy Fitness               

Chi-Tonix offers simple and effective tools for better health, stress resilience, positive motivation, effective action and outstanding results

Are you a leading edge health and fitness pioneer?

Do you feel the call for an evolutionary leap in your career and the results you are able to offer your clients?

What if you could learn to identify exactly what is required to unlock the habits that keep your clients riding the roller coaster of results and success?

What if you could assist them to activate the energy that unlocks the mind and body patterns that are currently limiting their potential?

What if you had access to an exercise system that infuses dynamic change in both physical and psychological strength and alignment?

What if you could offer your clients simple practical exercises that empower them to transcend the obstacles of old habits, access their limitless source of energy and achieve beyond their wildest dreams?

We are seeking visionary trainers who have what it takes to deliver a simple yet radical change to the health and fitness industry

If you are fascinated by the new frontier of Quantum Physics and the amazing possibilities it holds for those capable of living beyond the ordinary, we are confident the skills you will gain as a Chi-Tonix Energy Fitness Coach will profoundly expand your life, genuinely contribute to your clients lives and steer your career into a whole new dimension.

Level 1 Chi-Tonix Energy Fitness Foundation Course  25-26 June
Byron Bay

For more information  email from the website or text to 0427808 992

Chi-Tonix Rapid Stress Release

  •     Chi-tonix keys into your energy system and helps it flow better
  •     Chi-tonix keys into your nervous system and strengthens it
  •     It makes use of the science of traditional acupuncture through
        unblocking energy pathways
  •     It uses tools and correction techniques from over 20 years experience
        and training in Kinesiology to rebalance the body
  •     It uses tools and correction techniques from years of experience and
        training in communication and personal growth
  •     It helps you program your energy pathways for successful outcomes
        and achieving your goals,
  •     You can remove emotional and energetic blockages from your
        past conditioning
  •     Chi-tonix supports you in moving towards your goals
  •     Understand what motivates you to move towards your passions
        or away from your problems. Use this to your advantage.   
  •     Work with martial arts principles of moving with and directing energy
  •     Chi-tonix includes physical, emotional, mental, nutritional,
        energetic aspects of performance
  •     You are focusing on emotional and mental mastery and excellence in all you do
  •     You make use of the understanding of the new discoveries in biology and
        quantum physics to master the energetic effect we have on cell function.
  •     Create new habits that work in your favour