I feel really, really different. It's strange and amazing really. The best way I can describe it is that I don't feel 'stuck' any more.That was the most remarkable kinesiology balance I've had, and cleared up so much stuff for me. Thank you C.S 2017

Thank you Parijat for the fantastic information you share with us all. The things I learnt from you this year have been incredibly useful in my practice.

Well.... To say I am grateful is an understatement....but truly...I have just finished my last school weekend for my kinesiology qualification. This journey has been amazing. I am completely overwhelmed by the love, support, friendships and knowledge I have gained over the past year. Byron is a beautiful landscape of loving folks and the most divine learning environment in the world. I am so very proud of myself for taking on the last few years of my life and achieving what I have. The support of my friends and family has been incredible. I have the best life long friends anyone could possibly imagine and do not have the words to even go close to expressing what you all mean to me. Parijat Wismer your life contribution to this planet is like nothing I've ever encountered.