Student Clinics

Supervised Student Clinic

Supervised clinic is offered at the school throughout the year with students with different skill levels.

Year one student clinic is free of charge.

Once students have passed their exams they are able to register as basic practitioners. 

The school will charge a fee of only $30 for a full 90 min session. Students and pensioners pay only $25.

A client can come to student clinic and experience the care and skill of our students for a fraction of what Kinesiology appointments are valued at.

Please book, as we will assign a student to you.
Please book only if you can commit to the arranged time. 

Of course cancellations are accepted, but your student may have travelled a long way to be there for you.
Our students only cancel their part of the agreement for compassionate reasons or unwellness.

What clients say:

'My practitioner guided me to listen to my body. I felt a connection to myself and I was given a valuable experience regarding forgiveness and lack of interaction ' H.F

'My practitioner is fabulous, warm, empathetic and confident, I feel clearer and more balanced physically.' E. R

'I'm now feeling much more grounded in myself and open to the process of change's.