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Weight Management for Kinesiologists renewed for 2021

Balanced Blood Sugar Seminar by Parijat Wismer FMAKA

This seminar offers essential training to assist the practitioner in understanding and working with unhealthy metabolic changes.

This is an Advanced Kinesiology Course for practitioners. It includes 3 days course time and 2-3 days assessed homestudy . Accredited 30 hours Cat C or Nutrition with the thirds day adding another 10 hours including homework. I will apply to AKA for an extension of hours

Many of the symptoms and chronic conditions you encounter in your clinics are connected to the metabolic disturbances that manifest as excess fat. Having the skills to help yourself and your clients achieve a life style that promotes a healthy weight and an optimal "fat to muscle ratio" will lead to a busy clinic. This training will assist you in helping the clients who have done yo-yo dieting in the past and for whom a healthy weight has been out of reach.

This course gives the practitioner a basic understanding of physical, emotional, bio-chemical and other factors that contribute to increased body fat. Of special concern is fat accumulating around the middle of the torso. "Belly fat" or the "middle age spread" is a warning sign that all is not well and that the body has already undergone metabolic changes that do not support long term vitality.

Symptoms associated with excess body fat:

  • Unstable blood sugar
  • Tiredness especially in the afternoons
  • Diabetes
  • High LDL cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Lowered life expectancy
  • High blood pressure
  • Joint inflammation, esp. knees
  • Stiffness, aches and pains
  • Shortness of breath
  • Addictions and cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Disability and chronic illness
  • Low self-esteem


The Kinesiology Approach

Students will learn strategies and techniques for assessing and correcting issues from all aspects of the triad of health. You will gain an understanding of why most weight loss programs erode people's health if the underlying metabolic changes aren't corrected. Those methods can't be successful longterm.

In the emotional and mental realm, learn skills to release specific weight and food related sabotage programs, layering the issues, so they become difficult to access,"comfort" eating, food addictions, stress and low self-esteem. Daily focus and how to help a client get back onto their program adds valuable tools to a Kinesiology practice. Understand how to help clients make the needed changes for long term better health.

Bio-chemically, we need to test for and balance allergies, toxicity, inflammatory processes, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal disturbances and cellular function (including the endocrine function of fat cells). WMFK offers protocols to balance chronic infections, fat storage, Insulin and Leptin resistance and guide a healthy eating plan. Mastering Glycaemic control gives back power to clients to be in control of their healthy weight. Some of the physical factors include the right exercise program, muscle loss and gain, injuries and circulatory function.

Learn to balance the Thyroid and Metabolism.

Energetically, we need to understand energy shifts between meridians due to stress, cravings for short energy bursts and test for disturbing Electro-magnetic fields in the environment. Understand how genetic factors affect which foods we thrive on, how to consider prescribed drugs, loss of spirituality and life energy.

Investment: $530 in Byron, $580 other locations. This is an advanced Kinesiology training, pre-requisites at least competent Cert IV BKP, TFH 4 or equivalent. NFK and HFK an advantage.

If you are not a Kinesiologist and would like to do a 3 hour client seminar, please send me an email. Kinesiologists may also train to do client seminars.

Parijat Wismer has been a Kinesiology Practitioner and Instructor for 26 years. She runs the Byron Bay Campus for Kinesiology Schools Australia and ICPKP, where students can study a Nationally Accredited Cert IV and Diploma. Herbs, Nutrition and Weight Management for Kinesiologists courses have been written as a result of students asking Parijat 'and when are you going to teach us more of what you do in clinic?'

Discover Heart Intelligence with HeartMath

Begin a powerful journey that will expand your awareness and bring more joy into your life. Learn to connect to the intuitive source of the heart to guide you and help you handle life. I recommend to you to learn Heartmath techniques for working in clinics. Staying stong in a field of loving energy will assist you clients in finding solutions for their issues and it will support you in being able to do this work without energy drain.

You'll be able to chart your progress with my computer feedback program.

5 evenings from 6-9pm.

Limit of 6-8 people.

Only available on request

investment $330. Includes Workshop Journal, the book 'The HeartMath Solution" and GST.

For more information call me 02 6685 7991



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