Epigenetic Cycles

Epigenetic Cycles 

by Dr Bruce Dewe - he says,

"We want to turn on our genes of longevity and vitality, as new science reveals that our perceptions, thoughts and feelings control our biology."

Learn simple ways of keeping the body well. Your genetic profile is not your destiny.
You can change your gene expression by the things you think, say and do, the things you eat, avoid, listen to and ponder in your heart.

This is a 2 day, in person workshop held at our Byron Kinesiology Centre
Time: 9am to 5.30pm

Contact us 02 6685 7991

Venue:Byron Bay Campus
Starting:9:00 AM
Saturday 18th May 2024
Ending:5:30 PM
Sunday 19th May 2024
Phone Enquiries:02 6685 7991