International Diploma in Energy Psychology

The International Diploma in Energy Psychology builds on a good Foundation in Kinesiology.

Students will be attending most first year units and then add the extra units to achieve ICPKP Certificate of Stress and Pain Management.

It contains the following units

  • Massage
  • Epigenetic Cycles
  • Stress Release made easy
  • Tibetan Energy 
  • BKP 101-107
  • EMS 201

Build on this with 9 more emotional units:

EMS 301, EMS 302, EMS 303, EMS 304, EMS 305, EMS 306, EMS 401, EMS 402, EMS 403

We also recommend adding:
Parijat's training Advanced Certificate in Trauma Healing

  • First Aid for Emotions
  • Rapid Stress Release RSR
  • Deep Trauma Healing
  • Healing Sexual Trauma
  • Healing Medical Trauma

Contact us for more information. 02 6685 7991

Venue:Byron Bay Campus
Starting:9:00 AM
Saturday 18th May 2024
Ending:5:00 PM
Sunday 17th May 2026