Registered Kinesiology Intermediate Practitioner - Level 4

Registered Kinesiology  Practitioner
Level 4 AKA
Foundation Training

Begin working with clients with our Kinesiology Foundation Training.
It has similar content to what we used to teach in CertIV, a qualification no longer issued.

This course takes 12 to 18 months to complete. 

You will be able to register with the Australian Kinesiology Association at Level 4
as a Kinesiology Intermediate Practitioner.

You will need to complete the requirements of our basic skill set.

You will attend 10 Kinesiology units of 2 days each.
You will need to complete 20 hours of supervised clinic in class
and 30 hours of mentored sessions which you do outside class. 

Our Anatomy and Physiology home study and Communications training
will cover the hours required for these subjects by the AKA. 
We will also offer you a chane to do some homestudy and assessments
relating to your Kinesiology study.

Should you decide to enrol in the KSA Diploma at any time during your course,
we have an RPL process in place.

You will need to complete a Senior First Aid Certificate in your own time witha licensed provider.

Please note that students not enrolled in the RTO Diploma need to pay GST on their tuition fees. 



Venue:Byron Bay Campus