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Free Kinesiology Introduction

Have you ever wondered what Kinesiology could do for you?

We invite you to free evenings introducing Kinesiology. Have the method explained and see how your body can show you what is blocking you and what to do about it.
Muscle feed-back uncovers what will strengthen you physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually.

Begin a new career or add vital skills to other modalities.

PhD research by Susan Eardley in the UK shows that the protocols taught here in Byron
are a 'valid treatment for chronic lower back pain'.
Well it's so much more than that, it helps heal old physical and emotional wounds and relationships, builds self-esteem, improves learning, increases flexibility and
opens the possibility for living more of your potential.

In summary it helps you be happier and healthier.

Contact us for more information on these events or a Diploma Prospectus.
Make an appointment to see us at the Byron School

02 6685 7991 or email us at

We offer you:

1. Foundation Training, takes 12-18 months to complete.
Allows registration with the Audtralian Kinesiology Association as a level 4 Practitioner.

2. The Diploma in Kinesiology HLT52415
There is chance that you may need to complete this course in Brisbane, Melbourne or Hervey Bay, 
Discuss study options with us. Foundation Training is the first part of the Diploma.

3. Diploma in Energy Psychology, a series of emotional units  expanding the Diploma or Foundation training to deepen your emotional skills.

The Kinesiology content for written by Dr Bruce Dewe MD, one of the Fathers of Kinesiology, unless otherwise noted.
Parijat is qualified to teach students to the International Kinesiopractor Qualifications,
Our  integrated and comprehensive training, practical tuition, tutorials and assessed home study suits all learning styles and makes learning fun.

4. Certificate in Trauma Healing, an advanced series of courses to give the practitioner skills to work with many underlying causes to allow the deep wounds and misunderstandings that hold people back from living a healthy and happy life. Course by Parijat Wismer

5. Kinesiology Excellence courses for practitioners, Working with Herbs, Nutrition and Blood sugar balancing, to enhance the bio-chemical side of the Triad of Health. Working with Self-esteem and finances addresses another area of high stress for many clients.Written by Parijat Wismer

6. Self- Care classes  by Parijat
First Aid for Emotions
Rapid Stress Release
Energy Fitness

7.Self- Care classes  by Dr Dewe
1st unit of the Diploma
Epigenetic Cycles 

I can honestly say that I've never learned in such a profoundly encouraging,
nurturing and positive environment before. 
C.Y. Diploma student

Venue:Byron Bay Campus
Phone Enquiries:02 6685 7991


'Parijat, thank you for all that you are and giv...

J.C. Diploma student

Student Clinics
Sessions only $30
$20 pensioners & students

Next Student Clinics

Call 02 6685 7991 for
more information and
to book in.

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