The Chi of Money and Self-Esteem

Written on the 1 April 2013 by Parijat

The Chi Of Money and Self-Esteem

As Kinesiologists we discover and balance deficiencies and excesses of energy related to our well-being.
A real or perceived deficiency of money is often a major underlying stressor related to other issues a person presents with in clinic.
And for the practitioner, charging properly for sessions, having enough clients, having enough income to pay the bills and have enough for living and having a holiday every now and then, can be more difficult than anticipated.
Who thinks that it would be easier to follow their passion if money was no issue? Who worries about making enough money as a Kinesiologist?

Students studying to become a Kinesiologist have a common pre-requisite, the 'willingness to be there for someone on their healing journey'.
We come together at conferences and in classes to further out competency.
You can do a great job once a person is in your clinic, but how do the people know you are there? How do you perceive yourself as a Kinesiologist?
Do you have the self-confidence to promote yourself? How many Kinesiologists are struggling financially? Is it ok to be paid for your services or do you feel uncomfortable when receiving money for your work? Can you ask for money with ease? Or do you ask for less than you are worth?

An abundant life includes relating joyously with yourself and others, taking excellent care of your health, your emotions, your thoughts, your spirituality, your soul and.....your finances.

The Dalai Lama when asked what surprised him most about humanity answered : 'Man...because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.
Then he sacrifices money to recuperate health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn't enjoy the present: the result being that he does
not live in the present or the future; he lives as he is never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived'

If money is an issue in your life, then removing the old money paradigm you have inherited from your parents and social network allows you new ways of relating to finances. Now abundance becomes possible. You need to learn new habits that consistently bring you closer to your potential.

You may need to learn how money works, what good and bad debts are, how to use credit cards and how to plan for success.

If you have enough money to pay the bills, it is easier to create a fulfilling life and contribute to a peaceful and joyful world.
How much you believe in yourself, your self-talk, your dreams, the size of your vision and of course your paradigm about money all influence major life decisions.
If you financial results are not where you would like them, then you need to examine your actions and non-actions that led you there.

What motivated you to take or not take opportunities, why did you or did you not put your hand up to talk at a business breakfast, advertise, up-skill or participate at a healing festival?
It was your feelings about it that motivated you, but it was your thoughts that created the feelings.

Our thoughts create habits that may or may not serve us.
Our habits create consistent outcomes.
And then we ask, what creates our thoughts? This is where we need to look at the 'brain programs' we are running, the attitudes towards ourselves and others that we absorbed from living with our families, peers and the media.
The results we experience are in the end a result of those programs and attitudes, the habitual way of thinking and feeling that motivates us to take inspired action or turn
on the TV.
So the questions to ask yourself are :
• What must I've been thinking and believing to give me the result I now have?
• What do I need to believe to get the results I would like to achieve?
• Can I choose new thoughts and feelings?
Kinesiology gives us amazing tools to address all of those issues, it gives us access to the brain files and hidden sabotages.
Money Sabotages run deep, here are a couple of examples:
• I am worthy of earning good money/ I'm not worthy of earning good money (You need to decide what 'good' means)
• I can have a spiritual life and make money/ I can't have a spiritual life and make money
• I market myself with confidence/ I can't market myself with confidence
• I can be happy and rich/ I wouldn't be able to be happy if I was rich

How about beliefs? Are they really true?
• Rich people aren't very nice
• You must be greedy to ask for money
• money doesn't grow on trees
• life is a struggle
• money is the root of all evil
How about childhood vows?
• I’ll never spend my life making money and neglect my kids
• I’ll never be poor like my parents
Money is energy. The ultimate reason we want it is not because the piece of paper makes us happy, but because we hope that what it buys for us gives us happiness.

To run a successful Kinesiology Business we need to sort our relationship with money, clear the sabotages we hold, learn how money works and create an income funnel.
This means stepping up to confidently promote what we do, creating a happy balance between income from consultations and other sources of money.

We need to explore Self-Esteem in relation to Health, Finances and Career and use our Kinesiology skills to balance.
Imagine being able to uncover the sabotages that have been holding you back! Being able to peel back the layers you may have hidden them under, release the old patterns and choose your own beliefs about money and self-worth. Sorting out your relationship with money may be the one of the most important steps you can take in your career. Being at ease with who you are and feeling good about your work will contribute to your happiness.

Being able to offer this work to your clients gives a whole new market.

Example goals to work with:
• I have the self-confidence to run a successful Kinesiology Clinic
• I easily and joyfully learn the skills I need to create my own business
• I take positive action consistently and am fully committed to my projects
• I happily charge and receive money worthy of the services I provide
• I am worthy of having an abundant life

The basic protocol I use for balancing these goals follow the ICPKP model.
Clear an indicator muscle , set a goal, check for sabotages, willingness to achieve the goal and letting go of blockages, measure stress and life energy in relation to the goal and emotions.
Pre-activities may include having to ask for money, assessing their financial set-point and brain integration in relation to the goal, as well as a 5 Element muscle assessment.
Fears and Phobias may surface and will need clearing.
You can the balance using finger modes as taught in ICPKP, your own modality or follow the strategy of the ‘Chi of Money and Self-Esteem’

The strategy includes testing for and balancing contributing factors in order of priority.
You consider someone’s money habits, thought patterns, sabotages, fears, self-esteem, money set-point, focus and vision, procrastination, time, circle of success, accountability and motivation to name a few.

If your whole income depends on your consultations, the day you want to go on a holiday or are unwell, income stops. It is wise to create multiple streams of income with the knowledge you have.

Planning your money funnel may be a useful tool for you
• Can you also provide related products? If so which ones? Crystals, gifts, herbs, supplements, books, CDs etc?

• Could you teach workshops?

• Could you run educational presentations?

• Could you create a clinic with several practitioners and manage that? Or rent out rooms?

• Could you create a product yourself? Invest in intellectual property, like Massage oil range with your favourite essential oils, a booklet, a CD, meditation recordings etc?

• Could you create a package where you give paid referrals? Like a health package that includes massages that someone else provides.

• Are you investing regularly in your assets?

Money issues permeate most aspects of life and business. Learn how to make money your friend, treat it with respect and learn enough skills to make money work for you.
Choose new core beliefs that allow you to be happy , powerful and able to give peak performance.

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