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Introduction to Kumu Brenda and Papa's workshops

Make time to meet with Kumu Brenda and Papa. The introductory evening is a great opportunity to find out more and spend a couple of hours with them. Kumu Brenda is a respected Hawaiian elder who has much to share.

Brenda Mohalapua Ignacio is a Kumu Lomilomi and Kahu (Hawaii Minister) and DOE Licensed Instructor of Hawaiian Healing Arts. She has appeared in several films on Hawaiian Healing, shown on several islands as part of the International Film Festivals, including "Hawaiian Healing," "Hawaiian Meditations" and "Pule Wailele," for which, as coordinating producer, she  won a coveted Telly Award in 2007. She has also been featured in magazines and books on Lomilomi Massage, and was very involved in the organization and creation of the definitive book "Hawaiian Massage, Lomilomi ~ Sacred Touch of Aloha."
Co-founder of Hawaii Healing Arts College in Kailua, Oahu, Kumu Brenda loves to teach the wisdom given to her by her own teachers, many of whom entrusted her with formerly secret knowledge. Credentials include Licensed Massage Therapist, Hawaii Licensed Kahu, Hawaii DOE Licensed Instructor, NCBTMB Provider A for CE credits, and Former Director of the Hawaiian Lomilomi Association.
She has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia as part of her Island heritage, representing the State of Hawaii, teaching and speaking on cultural richness and oneness. She, together with Spiritual Teacher Nana Veary, author of "Change We Must," met privately with the Dalai Lama in Hawaii during the 1980s.  As a student of Nana's since 1975, she considers Nana to be one of the main sources of her passion for lomilomi and ho'oponopono, and Nana's spirit infuses her classes and everything she shares.
A native of Hamakua, Big Island of Hawaii, Kumu Brenda was taught from birth the connection of the spirit of love in all things, especially nature, by her grandmother. Hawaii's Queen Lili'uokalani was her inspiration to study Ho'oponopono, and together with Nana Veary, studied with Mornah Simeona, as well as Dr. Hew Len, Ramsay Taum,  Pali Jae Lee, author of ("Ho'opono,"), Aunty Mona Kahele, Papa K Kepelino, and other elders.  Her study of lomilomi massage includes Aunty Margaret Machado of Kona, Maka’ala Yates, Ronnie Dudoit of Molokai, Aunty Mary Fragas, and through interactions with many other known Kumu Lomilomi.
It is Kumu Brenda's belief that in the sharing of some of the history and philosophy of ho'oponopono with grace and a genuinely caring heart, that others can awaken to and appreciate their own awareness of the healing power to "make things right."
Kumu Brenda guides participants to deepen their awareness and importance of bringing themselves to a place of being pono, (in balance) within and without, allowing passion for life and the healing power within to be ignited.   She invites all to claim the fulfillment, peace and joy that can come, according to one's belief and allowance.

Papa's story

Brenda and I were Kaimuki High School sweethearts, but we were not allowed to date because of old morays of race and religion.   Although our paths diverged for 50 years, our soul connection endured, and we were brought together again when we found each other on our high school reunion blog in 2009.  During the 2 years of renewing our love, we were amazed at how compatible we were in our spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental “bodies,” and were certain that the Universe had conspired to bring us together at this exciting time in our journey.   It was with great joy that we married on November 11, 2011! 
I am a physician who specialized in women’s health for over 35 years, and have had a deep interest in the emotional and spiritual bases of  ”dis-ease.”  Modern medicine is very good at diagnosing disease and treating symptoms, but often fails to search for the underlying cause.  I have studied with Spiritual Healers, psychologists, Spiritual Guides, and have read extensively.   Seeking inner healing for myself and others is my calling and my purpose.
My gifts include compassion, intuitive knowledge, and a unique medical appreciation of the key role of the new paradigm of care that does not rely solely on the limited rational understanding of health that is very important and useful, but by no means exhaustive.   With our combined gifts, Kumu and I believe we can assist others in discovering the self-healing that lies within to bring forth healing for such  wounds as  auto-immune diseases, abuse,  chronic  pain,  family health issues and anxiety or depression.   
In 2005, my own journey inward was accelerated by a 3 week silent retreat. This was followed shortly thereafter by an unexpected 3 month successful treatment of a malignancy which was also a time for further growth and introspection. This was followed by an extended Sabbatical.  l explored many healing modalities, and discovered the common element in each was compassion and love (Aloha).
Five trips to Armenia and Russia followed, where I stayed with young couples  as we served together in  leadership development based on serving others.   I felt incomplete, however, and it was not until my reuniting with Kumu that I realized the missing element was the synergy that we have together. As I discovered the same energy at work in Kumu, I sensed at the deepest level that we were always intended to partner in serving to inspire others and bring about healing, empowerment and the raising of Consciousness.    For that reason I no longer practice traditional medicine and have chosen to join Kumu in seeking to assist others in self-healing.   Kumu’s Hawaiian heritage has opened new exciting vistas of understanding for me.  She has been chosen by the Elders to continue to teach and share the pure, authentic and traditional healing work, and is imparting wisdom and Aloha to many.  I count it a blessing to be her student and partner.



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